Conan Goes Free This Weekend On Steam

Funcom as Unchained its Conan titles this weekend. Players who haven’t yet grabbed their sword and steeped out into Cimmeria can sample all of Funcom’s Conan games for free over the next few days

Starting just yesterday, the free to play period for Conan fans runs from 19-22 September and includes every single one of Funcom’s Conan Adventures. Age of Conan: Unchained, Conan Exiles, and Conan Unconquered are all part of this offer, which probably makes them all worth a look if you haven’t prayed to Krom recently.

What’s Free?

Age of Conan: Unchained might be one of Funcom’s longest-running steam titles and have a significant history behind it but it saw some significant changes back in 2011. This MMO, one of the more hardcore versions of massively multiplayer madness, is the experience to dive into if you want to take on the more barbaric side of the MMO genre. After a fairly successful launch, it went free to play with additional content options in the store. Since then the game has settled into a number of time-limited server updates and now might be the best time to get started on our quest to slay your online enemies.

Conan Exiles is a more recent entry in this trio of free experiences. The open world survival title from Funcom quickly sold some silly numbers after it hit Early Access in January 2017. Firmly established as one of Funcom’s best selling games, Conan Exiles set to work thrusting players into a world full of opportunity and threat. With modern graphics a no holes barred multiplayer experience and

Conan Unconquered is the most recent, and probably the most innovative, trip into Conan’s world. Developed by Westwood veterans Petroglyph Studios, this RTS take on Conan’s world is something you probably wouldn’t expect after the brutal hack and slash titles that make up the Conan back catalog. Instead of scraping by on the ground, Conan Unchained puts players in command of an army of loyal soldiers. Partnered with another general, players need to, build, upgrade, and guide their troops to victory all without draining the shared resources that their allies are busy stocking up on. While players are busty gently managing the politics of inter ally co-operation, waves of enemies descend upon the map desperate to decimate you and your allies. Since the game’s recent launch, Petroglyph has already updated the title, improved the graphics, and added a brand new hero character.

With a diverse range of genres all in this Conan camp, there should definitely be something for your weekend. If you take a liking to any of these then they are all available over on the Steam Store for a significant discount of up to 50%. Have fun warlords!


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