Confront Fatalis In MHW: Iceborne

The developers from Capcom have announced Title Update 5 coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on October 1st. Players will get to confront a new monster – Fatalis, who will be available after finishing the story of Iceborne and completing the Alatreon investigation. Arch-tempered version of Velkhana will be available in a limited-time quest.


  • Event Quest: “The Place Where Winter Sleeps”
  • Fall Seasonal Events: Astera Autumn Harvest Fest & Seliana Fun Fright Fest!
  • Street Fighter V Collaboration – collaboration quests from the console version will be made available, and paid DLC will be available for purchase.

Major Additions:

  •  Clutch Claw Boost skill added, allowing you to wound monsters easier.
  • Soul Stream III has been added to the First Wyverian Ritual at the Elder Melder.
  • You can now use rarity 9 decorations and higher as materials at the Elder Melder.
  • The following decorations can now be melded at the Elder Melder: Elementless Jewel 2, Shield Jewel 2, Sharp Jewel 2, Dragonseal Jewel 3, Mighty Bow Jewel 2, and Mind’s Eye Jewel 2.
  • New BGM can now be played in your room in Seliana.
  • New layered armor added.
  • New pendants added.
  • Decor can now be obtained from the Steamworks’ Overdrive bonus.
  • Unpurchased downloadable content within the following categories now have links that take you to their store page: Gestures; Poses; Stickers; Change Appearance; Pendants; Handler’s Outfits; Room Customization & Decor; Music Player; Figures.
  • Wounds inflicted on monsters now take longer to disappear.
  • Carved Feystones and Sealed Feystones now have a higher chance to be appraised as high rarity decorations.
  • Sealed Feystones have a higher chance to drop from the special rewards of investigations for threat level 3 tempered monsters.
  • The following charms have been added: Shaver Charm; Earplugs Charm V; Master’s Charm V; Critical Charm III; Exploiter Charm III; Handicraft Charm V.
  • The following decorations have been added: Diversion Jewel 3; Acrobat Jewel 3; Shaver Jewel 3.
  • Added a new option: “Swap Keys while Mounted” (Keyboard Only Function).
  • Added a new option: “Surveyor Set Controls” (Keyboard Only Function).
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