Conglomerate 451 Loads Into A New Cyberpunk Adventure

Conglomerate 451

The word Cyberpunk usually conjurors up a rabid level of anticipation for a very particular title. Put the flashy vapourware to one side for today and get ready to load up a different distro, as 1C announce Conglomerate 451.

Hitting Steam Early Access soon, Conglomerate 451 is a new take on the Cybperunk experience with a series of decidedly old school twists. It takes a near future dystopia and patches in a grid-based, dungeon crawl for good measure. Dropping players into the shoes of an elite agent, the game tasks players to take down corruption that threatens the safety of citizens throughout Conglomerate city’s sector 451. Gritty streets weave around the basin of Conglomerate city while shimmering metal spires arch off into the atmosphere, making this the epitome cyberpunk backdrops.

With danger hiding around every corner in Conglomerate 451, players must build and maintain a crack team of individuals in order to succeed. These Ghost Class agents are battle clones, built to face the toughest of challenges as you descend into a series of dungeons instances. Borrowing elements from classic X-Com experiences, each team carries a range of DNA enhancements, high-end cyber-limbs, implants, and weaponry to give them an edge in their missions adding an element of strategy to each encounter.

To add even more to Conglomerate 451, a range of roguelike elements mean that every mission can end up being different. Procedural dungeon generation, permadeath, advanced R&D systems, and an advanced hacking system mean that Conglomerate 451 is about more than just getting out alive. Even the most insignificant wound can trigger the game’s trauma system and turn a flesh wound into a permanent status modifier for a particular Ghost Agent.

The amount of content that developer Runeheads has crammed into their own dystopian future is truly impressive and with so much to explore, they’ve given us a glimpse of what’s to come in the announcement trailer below. If you are ready for 2099 and the dangers that are waiting for us all, you can find out more about Conglomerate 451 on Steam or the official RuneHeads website.


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