Conqueror’s Blade Lunges Into Action With Season IV: Blood Of The Empire

Conqueror’s Blade Lunges Into Action With Season IV: Blood Of The Empire

Bathe in victory and fight for the Blood of The Empire as Conqueror’s blade begins a brand new season of the popular MMORPG today.

Available right now, the latest addition to Conqueror’s Blade is going to find players once again fighting for honour glory and territory as the forces of the Anadolou Empire arrive in this popular MMORPG. This free update to the online medieval territory war now faces a whole slew of trouble as the great Sultan Fatih Suleyman IV, drags his armies into battle and prepares to overrun everything you and your guild hold dear.

Fiercely loyal and honed in the fires of battle, the Anadolou Empire isn’t the only thing coming to Conqueror’s Blade over the course of Season IV. As this imposing army marches towards the Conqueror’s City, two new battlefields will open up for commanders to test their prowess. The nigh-impregnable fortress city of Reginopolis has stood the test of time, but you can overcome its defences as this entrenched target enters Siege Battle rotation today. Later, on August 18, engage in Field Battles By Land and Sea as the Sultan’s focus shifts to seizing golden bays and harbours.

New Cannon Fodder

In order to take on these new challenges, players can recruit a range of new units to flesh out their armies. Complete season wide challenges and you’ll unlock the following:

  • 3-Star Janissaries (Available July 21): These elite musketeers have secured rich rewards for their valuable service, and have occasionally overthrown one ruler to install a rival more sympathetic to their demands.
  • 4-Star Azaps (Available August 4): Armed with a kilij-type sword and a small buckler, the Azaps are a standing force operating throughout the Anadolou Empire as town and border guards.
  • 5-Star Siladhars (Available August 18): These halberdiers swear an oath to preserve the life of their commander; call out to them, and they will fight tooth and nail to protect warlords in battle.
  • 4.5-Star Sipahis (Available September 1): A heavy cavalry armed with steel maces and clad in plate armour, a planned Sipahis charge is a truly awesome sight to behold.

With Conqueror’s Blade Season IV: Blood Of The Empire now live, generals can grab a new season pass for extra shiny loot, emotes, and attire. We’re itching to get out on the front lines and blow something up so head over to the Conqueror’s Blade website to check out all the detail now while we find our horse.

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