Conqueror’s Blade Year One Code Giveaway

Year one Conqueror's Blade code giveaway
Grab A Year One Pack And Dominate The Balltefields


Conqueror’s Blade, the battlefield MMORPG from Booming Games has just turned one and to celebrate this occasion, we’ve got have 200 battle pack codes to giveaway, providing new skins and a banner for the battlefields.


Any of you that rolled out with us into action when Conqueror’s Blade arrived back in 2019 will probably have taken on your enemy out in massive faction battles that make this medieval MMORPG stand out among its peers. Conqueror’s Blade isn’t just a PvP based multiplayer. This MMORPG puts players in the armored boots of a feudal warlord, assigns them an army, and explodes into epically huge combat. Whether you’re picking a fight around the local well or taking your legions out to siege a fortress, Conqueror’s Blade blends visceral combat with tactical decisions, and its launch made something of an impact. Now we’re giving you a helping had to make your presence felt too. Just enter your email address in the form below to grab a key that will unlock the following additions to your own army.


  • Solar Order Attire Set
  • Radiant Sun Banner
  • Golden Sun Mercenary Attire Set



While this might not include any cannonballs, I am personally loving the Solar Order attire as I dip into the new Year One celebration events that are still going on. With XP and event bonuses, log in rewards, a free hero, and a ton of in game sales going on right now the second year of Conqueror’s Blade could be the perfect time to hop back in and stake your claim on the battlefield. Players who enter their email can grab one of the available battel packs on a first come first, first served basis. You will receive your goodies by email. To redeem a code simply go to the Conqueror’s Blade website at sign in, and enter your code so you can look glorious in victory and defeat. Thanks for checking out our Conqueror’s Blade giveaway.

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