Console Owners Can Play Black Desert’s Hashashin Now

Gamers getting to grips with Black Desert on console are about to get something of an exclusive today as the Hashashin, yes that’s right, creeps into Black Desert Online.

Despite the slightly cringe-worthy name of this addition, the addition of a new character class to Black Desert on console should be a welcome boon for players ready to hack and slash their way to victory in the massively multiplayer online RPG. This brand new desert warrior is ready to overcome their opponents with a flurry of vicious melee attacks. Like many characters available to players in Black Desert Online, the Hashashins able to leverage some awsome free form combat but this new addition can augment the familiar action of Black Desert by using sandstorms to teleport, attack, and ambush enemies.

Extra Events

To celebrate the release of the Hashashin as a console timed exclusive, Black Desert will host a range of special events for console gamers on Xbox One and Playstation 4, as follows:

  • Adventurers who log in during the event period will receive $130 worth of items, such as Cron Stones, Advice of Valks, Blessing of Kamasilve and a Premium Weapon and Armor box.
  • Adventurers who level their Hashashin class up to 60 during the event period will also receive over 600 million in silver, as well as other rewards such a Black Stones. To help make this feat a little easier, a 24-hour Hot Time event will be applied, giving Adventurers 100% additional Combat EXP and a 30% drop rate increase.
  • Adventurers who are able to interact with one of the many sandstorms raging across the realm will gain 100% additional Skill EXP and an extra 20% increase in drop rate.

With a ton of in game loot to grab and a brand new way to take on the challenges of Black Desert, it seems like maybe it’s the perfect time to catch veteran players as they re-roll a new character too. If you’ve not heard of Black Desert, this console port of the gorgeous PC MMORPG is an action-focused, open-world experience where players can forge their adventure across huge continents, taking on a wide variety of unique challenges across PvP, PvE, open-world combat and large scale instanced dungeons. Check out more about this free to play adventure over on the official website now and try out the Hashashin.

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