Contra Anniversary Collection Lineup Revealed

Back in March Konami teased us with the announcement of three Classic Anniversary Collections. Since then they released the Arcade Classics Collection and the Castlevania Collection, and now they have announced the full line up of games for their Contra Anniversary Collection. We still don’t have a solid release date but the collection will be available via digital download Summer 2019 on PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Right in line with the previous collections, pricing for the Contra Collection is set at $19.99.

The original announcement included four titles: Contra (Arcade), Super Contra (Arcade), Super C (NES) and Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES). Although the Konami site hasn’t been updated, IGN is reporting the full list of games, and fans of the Contra franchise will be pleased to know their options go beyond just arcade and Nintendo systems:

  • Contra (Arcade)
  • Contra (NES)
  • Contra (Famicom)
  • Super Contra (Arcade)
  • Super C (NES)
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)
  • Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (SNES)
  • Contra: Hard Corps (Sega Genesis)
  • Probotector (Sega Mega Drive)
  • Operation C (Game Boy)

Along with the initial release games, Konami will also be releasing a free update for anyone who purchases the collection containing the Japanese versions of six titles:

  • Contra (Arcade)
  • Super Contra (Arcade) – known as Super Contra: Alien No Gyakushu in Japan
  • Super C – known as Super Contra in Japan
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars – known as Contra Spirits in Japan
  • Operation C – known as Contra in Japan
  • Contra: Hard Corps – known as Contra: The Hard Corps in Japan

The Contra fun doesn’t end with the games. The Contra Anniversary Collection will also include a digital bonus book that provides a comprehensive look into Contra’s history.

The reviews for the Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection were mediocre at best, but the Castlevania Collection has seen better reviews. The run and gun action of Contra should translate a little better, so here’s to hoping Konami saved the best for last.

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