Control Reveals A Sinister New Story Trailer

Control, the upcoming supernatural adventure from Remedy just released a new story trailer and it’s crammed full of creepy characters.

The latest glimpse of Remedy’s Control just dropped and while many familiar faces return, there’s a new twisted addition to proceedings. The new story trailer opens up on the Federal Bureau of Control’s headquarters where the barriers between the human world and everything else are bleeding together. This backdrop is as much a returning character as the people that pop up during the new trailer. Control’s Oldest House is a nexus that shifts and reconfigures around the game, creating an eerie sense that the brutalist architecture that hosts this adventure is actually alive.

A New Face

More troubling than the imposing architecture is the new addition to the cast. As the trailer kicks off, a voice calls over proceedings and begins to describe an unsettling dream. At least, that’s what we hope it is. This new cast member seems to know something about the game’s antagonist, the Hiss.

Playing as Jesse Faden, players picking up Control take up the role of Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. This secret government agency is tasked with protecting the world from otherworldly entities such as the Hiss. As the game unfolds and reality warps around you, you’ll use a number of unique abilities to navigate the Oldest House and combat the threat of the Hiss. The game comes from the same team behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break. It stands as an attempt to take Remedy’s storytelling in a more interactive direction and, honestly, it looks utterly amazing. If you hadn’t guessed my preview of this at last year’s Gamescom had me on the edge of my seat and I cannot wait to see what comes of this thriller.

You can check out the Hiss in the trailer above or head over to the official Control website before it lands on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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