CookieRun: Kingdom – A Mermaid’s Tale Dives to New Culinary Depths

CookieRun: Kingdom - A Mermaid's Tale Dives to New Culinary Depths

Devsisters has announced that its popular mobile game, CookieRun: Kingdom, has been updated with A Mermaid’s Tale. Mobile players can expect a host of new content as they travel alongside the Black Pearl Cookie to learn her backstory and “how her purity changed forever.” In addition, players will want to “shell-ebrate” the arrival of the new Peppermint Cookie and a new Legendary costume for Black Pearl Cookie.

Unpacking A Mermaid’s Tale

  • Players will find a new episode called White Pearl Cookie and Black Pearl Cookie’s Hidden Past. Gamers will dive into the depths of this new and previously untold story of how the pure White Pearl Cookie became the dark Black Pearl Cookie.
    • Players who fill the encyclopedia with all the hidden Cookie stories will earn special rewards.
  • The new “Crystal Jam” system is now live. It allows Cookies to make stronger attacks by using a power sealed by Darkness. Ancient, Legendary, and Dragon grade Cookies can all equip Crystal Jams. There are exclusive Crystal Jams for both Sea Fairy Cookie and Black Pearl Cookie.
  • Peppermint Cookie is an Epic-grade Support type cookie. She uses the “Freshness of the Sea” skill when she blows a conch shell to summon the Peppermint Whale. The sound heals the team, and increases DMG Resist and Debuff Resists. Peppermint Whale creates a wave creating an HP shield for allies and dealing Water damage to enemies. Allies are healed for an amount equal to a portion of the damage its wave deals.
  • The Kingdom Arena has been updated with UI improvements, the new Arena Seasonal Info panel, and much more.

Check out the CookieRun: Kingdom official site for more details about A Mermaid’s Tale.

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