Overwatch – Behind the Scenes of Cookiewatch

Recently, the developers of team shooter Overwatch have released a short stop-motion animation titled Cookiewatch, telling a story of naughty Reaper and dutiful Tracer squabbling over a tray of cookies meant for Santa.

Cookiewatch brings the Overwatch universe to life in a different way. Witness the magic in making this stop-action video.

This is not the first time the team is using action figures and stop-motion animation to tell us a special story. You might remember the previous video called Trace & Bake. If you want to watch it again or take a look behind the scenes, check out the videos below!

Tracer’s baking up something extra special to celebrate two years of playing Overwatch with YOU in this cheeky stop-motion video.

We baked this up to celebrate two years of playing with YOU. Witness the magic in making our Trace & Bake stop-motion video.

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