Cooler Master Shows Off New Cases At Computex

If you can’t afford a $100K water cooled behemoth, don’t worry, Cooler Master’s booth at Computex 2018 is chock full of new case designs for PC enthusiasts to drool over. Along with new flagships for their COSMOS and H-Series lines, there are several variants on display for their K-Series and MB-Series, along with their first entry for a new line, the Master Case SL600M. While RGB lighting continues to have a strong presence, Cooler Master continues to embrace new technology to improve on form and function. With so many options, Cooler Master is sure to have something to fit any budget.

Note: For all concept models, details and specifications are subject to change.

Master Case H-Series

Master Case H500M

H500M – While several of the cases on display are still in the concept phase, the Master Case H500M is already available. The new king of the H-series, the H500M gives the builder plenty of options to create a beautiful rig:

  • 4 tempered glass panels – edge-to-edge glass side panels along with front and top panels give a comprehensive view of your system components and RGB goodness.
  • Interchangeable front panels – replace the glass panel with a mesh option to give optimal airflow.
  • 9 internal covers aid in creating a clean build with plenty of hardware mounting options.
  • Includes two 200mm addressable RGB fans and controller
  • Front, top, and rear water cooling options

H500 (concept) – Set to be the lowest priced option in the H-series, the H500 won’t have all the bells and whistles of its bigger brother, but will still be packaged with both a mesh and transparent front panel. Another staple of the H-series, two 200mm fans will adorn the front of the rig, and a subtle handle placed on the top of the chassis will make for easy transportation.

Master Box Lines

Prior designs in the Master Box MB-Series took inspiration from motorsports, featuring large intakes on each side of the front panel to pay homage to high-performance racecars. Several new models continue to channel the spirit of racing, with each chassis offering up its own blend of function and aesthetics:

  • MB511 (concept) – Airflow is the priority with a full mesh front panel.
  • MB520 (concept) – Prioritizes lighting as a build focus with a transparent front panel that offers full view of illuminated fans.
  • MB530P (concept) – Taking the MB line to the next level, the MB530P uses glass side and front panels to show off the included RGB fans.

Racing isn’t the only place Cooler Master has looked to for design ideas. The Master Box Series has a couple of new models that are sure to connect with the individual spirit of many builders:

  • K500P (concept) – If you have an RGB mouse, keyboard, headset, monitor backlighting, and who knows what else, then the K500P will complete your gaming ensemble. The three front fans and PSU shroud are outfitted with addressable RGB, and a new three-dimensional mesh used on the front panel refracts light differently than conventional mesh.
  • MasterBox MB500 TUF Gaming Edition – Marked by the TUF Gaming spirit, the MasterBox MB500 is a perfect addition to any (TUF Gaming) setup. A PSU cut out was designed to make the MasterWatt TUF Gaming Edition visible through the glass side panel. Military styling, complete with camouflage, outfits the case as a battle-ready soldier.

MasterBox MB500 TUF Gaming Edition


The COSMOS C700M (concept) is Cooler Master’s flagship case in the company’s Maker segment. The new design fuses bold shapes to a soft, continuous surface. The COSMOS C700M’s impactful use of addressable RGB lighting extends upon the series’ DNA. New tech will be woven into the frame and functionality of the COSMOS C700M.

MasterCase SL600M

The MasterCase SL600M (concept) kicks off Cooler Master’s new SL series. The vertical layout of the SL600M intakes air on the bottom and exhausts air through the top panel. The use of aluminum was a design choice that enables the MasterCase SL600M to be a sophisticated workstation with the capability of being built for high-performance gaming.

Which case most interests you? Already have a case, but still interested in the latest tech? With Computex running through June 9, be sure to check often to catch up on all the new products as they emerge.

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