Copy Kitty Fights Its Way Out Of Early Access On April 19th


Indie developer Nuclear Strawberry and publisher Degica Games have announced that 2D platformer Copy Kitty will be fully released on April 19, 2018. Inspired by classics such as Mega Man and Kirby, in Copy Kitty you will play as Boki, super hero in training, with the ability to copy the attacks of anything she fights. Not wanting to be a mere copycat, Boki can combine up to three of these powers to create super weapons to blast through her enemies. Complete with Story Mode, an Endless Mode, and a full level editor, Copy Kitty is packed with hours of classic platformer action.


  • Copy up to 3 abilities and combine them to form 175 SUPER-WEAPONS!
  • Story mode with over 100 levels and 20 bosses plus Hard Mode variants.
  • Two playable characters with unique abilities, weapons, and campaigns.
  • Endless mode, with randomly-generated environments and bosses.
  • Full level editor to make and share your own levels.
  • Cyber sci-fi setting with a dynamic techno soundtrack.
  • Giant spherical penguins!

Copy Kitty will launch with a price tag of $14.99 but is still currently available in Early Access at the discounted price of $9.99

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