Core In Open Alpha Today

Today Manticore Games throws open the doors to Core, an opportunity to find the next generation of player creators.

If you spent the wee hours whittling away your free time on Little Big Planet levels or loved the idea of Dreams then the Core open alpha test might be right up your street. Designed to empower its player base, Core is a huge playground filled with features and tools that allow anybody to create, publish and play a range of multiplayer games.

This free platform combines radical accessibility with the power of the Unreal Engine to give creators a fast, easy way to make and publish high-quality titles. Programming skills are not necessary when building in Core, and you won’t need a degree to hang assets in the world. The intuitive interface to click and drag, remix existing content using a wide range of assets or get under the hood if you have the experience. Capable creators can augment the tools available by scripting game logic, creating assets, and more.

“The new generation of gamers has grown-up expecting not just to play games but to create and modify them. After video and streaming, the next UGC revolution of participatory interactive entertainment is video games and it starts with Core, which is about creating and playing together,” said Frederic Descamps, CEO at Manticore Games. “Thanks to Core, games and virtual worlds that required millions of dollars and took a massive amount of time to develop, test, and publish can now be live in a few days or fewer. Our mission, starting with the Open Alpha, is to tear down industry barriers and enable experiences we have yet to encounter.”

If you’ve ever imagined of sailing your own pirate’s life or finally correcting a villainous plot hole then Core an allow you to do that. Manticore is inviting players to tear up the rules and create their adventure now. Check out the open alpha trailer to get a glimpse of Core and find out what awaits. Once you’re ready to get tooled up for an adventure, head over to the official Core website to build, play, and earn a buck or two sometime in the future.


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