Core Keeper Reveals Sunken Sea Content and Dedicated Servers

Core Keeper Sunken Sea

Pugstorm and Fireshine Games have announced that a new Core Keeper update will be deployed in the near future that will bring the Sunken Sea content into the game alongside support for dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers will allow players to host their own version of the game for up to eight players. These dedicated servers will be accessible at any time. The team has provided players with a peek at how servers are set up and what features they can include in the latest blog post on the game’s Steam page.

Players looking for new content to explore will be able to do so thanks to the Sunken Sea content update. This includes a new water-based biome with “lots of seascape to explore”.

Other components of the new location include:

  • bosses and enemies
  • new ore
  • gear and weapons
  • legendary weapon
  • new fish, plants, food
  • teleporters
  • boats
  • additional base-building items
  • sprinklers
  • new tier of jewelry workbench
  • valuables
  • map markers
  • more

Explore the Sunken Sea Biome by boating from island to island all while getting to grips with new weapons and gear; mining new valuables and ore; discovering new fish, plants, and food; and even crafting new base-building items. We can’t wait to show off even more of our impending update, and we’re delighted to announce that the full reveal will be featured in the PC Gaming Show on June 12th!

Read the full post on the Core Keeper Steam page.

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