Corepunk – 15 Minutes of Gameplay

As a part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020, the developers from Artificial Core showed off 15 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming top-down open-world MMO Corepunk. The footage demonstrates a group of two players receiving a quest and proceed on their adventure to receive rewards. On their way, our heroes will run into resource nodes, treasure, chests, higher-level enemies best left alone and more.

To those used to the speed of Diablo, Path of Exile, Wolcen and others, Corepunk might seem to be too slow – however, it reflects more steadfast and less hasty MMO-gameplay approach of the title.

The game evolves in a place called Kwalat, which is just a small part of a huge universe. Kwalat once was the epicenter of a huge cataclysm that changed all of creation. The aftermath can still be noticed in these wastelands: one can find anomalistic zones, forgotten ruins, and remains of devices that were once created by unthinkable technology. Once this place was home to an ancient cutting-edge race of warriors – conquerors of the universe. Its mightiness was godlike – but, nevertheless, it tumbled and Kwalat was abandoned. What moved its masters? What ruined them? And why now, after ages, are inhabitants of other worlds starting to appear on this deserted land?

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