Corepunk Camps Will Test Your Mettle

Corepunk Camps Will Test Your Mettle

The developers of the upcoming MMORPG Corepunk continue sharing information about the game. In the latest blog post, the team from Artificial Core outlined what kind of danger comes from the enemy camps in Kwalat.

You will run into various monsters along your journey. Some spawn in specific locations, while others wander about, springing from their secret hideouts to mount an attack. You might be lucky enough to face a solitary foe, but let’s be honest, more likely than not you’ll need to stand up against an entire monster camp.

Monster camps in the game will vary in their difficulty levels. Your average monsters usually possess a single skill and even a solo player should be able to take them on. However, it will not be easy. You will have to fight smart in order to win. There will also be camps that are filled with monsters with unique skills – and loot, perhaps even a leader. Those will be working together as a well-coordinated team, and it will be much harder to defeat them.

You might come across a camp of archers, tanks equipped with nets, and assassins. Archers spray you with arrows, stunning you from afar. It’s no easy task to rid yourself of them, particularly since they always keep their distance. While you try to handle the archers, tanks will regularly try to catch you in their net and assassins will never miss a chance to attack, especially when you’re most vulnerable. The moment you’re trapped in a net or stunned, they’ll attack, dealing significant damage. In camps like these, you’ll need to plan your attack and prioritize which monsters to kill first. Or, better yet, find other adventurers to team up with. Each encounter will pose a true challenge, even to a party.

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