Cowboy Yakuza launches into Steam early access

Active Gaming Media has announced that Cowboy Yakuza is now available for PC via Steam early access. Players can purchase the story-driven action RPG for $9.99 and can enjoy both English and Japanese language support. To celebrate the big day, Active Gaming Media released the official launch trailer.

The game centers around Cleveland “Cleve” Waingro as he travels through 80s era Japan.

Cleve had been leading a peaceful, quiet life—almost as if he had been hiding from something…

It wasn’t long before the local Yakuza, after witnessing Cleve’s impressive physical prowess and innate ability to handle himself in a fight, decided they wanted to harness this powerhouse from the West for themselves and forcefully recruited him into their own ranks.

Now, Cleve must make some crucial and life-altering decisions: Are these Japanese gangsters friends or foes? Which will he trust – his sense of duty or his own humanity? Which will he choose – love or friendship? Caught up in the chaotic web of intrigue, violence, and crime that now pervaded every aspect of his newfound life, and left with no way to turn back, Cleve set off down a dangerous and blood-soaked path…

Developers remind players that this is an early access game and that they can fully expect to find “a few bugs and limitations” that will be addressed before the game launches into full retail. While the game is largely complete, the company determined that launching into early access was prudent to solicit feedback from the community about gameplay, story, and other game features.

You can learn more on the Cowboy Yakuza Steam page.

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