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The Surge

Crafting and progression are the subjects of a new blog from the team behind The Surge. Players will have a number of ways to make their characters shine in the game, something the blog provides details about.

Crafting and Progression

A character’s progression is an important thing and in The Surge, it can happen in two ways.

First, as players battle through the game, they earn Tech Scrap. This is used to update gear including the “exo-rig”. The more the rig is leveled up, the more options will become available. Things including carrying capacity and weight limit are examples along with using implants that scale with levels.

Crafting requires players to learn “schematics” in order to make things. Players will remove body parts from their enemies to get a chance fora schematic. Need better hand armor? Hack off that guy’s hands. Shoulders lacking in strength? Whack off that dude’s upper chest. You get the idea. Weapons are the same way.

Second, players will learn the ins and outs of each enemy as well as find ways to defeat them more easily. It’s less about statistics but more about understanding bonuses.

If you’d like to know more, you can check out The Surge Facebook page.

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