Creative Drops the Bass on Pebble Plus Speakers

Pebble PLus

A budget price, a classic space-saving design, and some solid audio all typify the Creative Pebble speaker system. So, how could Creative possibly make the Pebble Speakers better? More bass, of course! Just this week, Creative launched the
Pebble Plus speaker system.

With a sizeable subwoofer now in the mix, the new Pebble Plus system is a significant upgrade to the existing Pebble speaker system, maintaining the same unique 45-degree design that delivers audio directly to your ears. The addition of a subwoofer to the current 2.1 stereo design is a move to bring some definite oomph to Creative’s diminutive tabletop speakers. While the original pair of Pebble speakers manage RMS of 4.4W, the Pebble Plus delivers up to 8W RMS with the aid of a high gain option. This all continues to run off USB power, and still has a few extra options in store for users.

The inclusion of a high and low gain setting provides compatibility for a variety of USB types, allowing this new iteration of the Pebble to deliver bass to both old and new PCs. An additional 3.5mm Aux-in port allows other devices to plug into the speakers and familiar volume controls are fitted on the front of these desktop speakers.

The astonishing thing for sterophiles eager to grab a set of Pebble Plus speakers is clearly the price. Coming in at £34.99 RRP, The Pebble Plus is barely a few coffees on top of the cost of an original Pebble set. While the Pebble Plus might not be near the top of the market, it looks like Creative’s new entry could provide some incredible value. The Pebble Plus is available now. You can find out more on the official Creative website.

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