Creeping Winter Sneaks Into Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has announced the release of the Creeping Winter update that brings a number of new features into the game. Creeping Winter is part of the game’s Hero Edition. Those with the Standard Edition can upgrade their game by purchasing the Hero Pass for $9.99 that also allows access to previously released DLC. The update is available for Xbox One, Xbox One Game Pass, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Creeping Winter brings a frigid storm into play that threatens to “consume all it touches and the only chance of halting the biting frost is for heroes to take on new missions and relentless new enemies”.

All players will receive a free update regardless of what edition of the game is owned. Free content includes a Camp Update that brings new villager merchants, a new blacksmith who’s dying to upgrade player housing, and a gift wrapper for multiplayer trading. Players will also be able to take on the new Daily Trials that “offer new challenges every day, making wild changes to the game mechanics that provide difficult, experimental, or fun challenges” to overcome.

Learn more about Creeping Winter by visiting the Minecraft Dungeons official site.

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