Creepy Survival Adventure Serum Announces A Free Play Test

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Inject some adventure into your future and try out the Serum playtest on 24 April.

Toplitz and Game Island have announced that their upcoming ooze ridden survival experience will open the doors for a free play test on PC. Due to kick off on 24 April at 1PM CEST / 8AM ET / 3AM PT, the opportunity to test your wits and mutate your digital body will provide PC gamers with an opportunity to battle dangerous creatures, solve puzzles, and find out a little more about why you shouldn’t inject glowing liquids into your veins. All you have to do to sign up is head over to the official Steam Store and click the Request Access button.

What is the Serum?

Set in an apocalyptic world where a toxic fog obscures much of the landscape, this survival title pits players in a race against time and the elements. Like many of its ilk, this twist on a well-trodden idea pits players against a savage environment. TO stay alive, they need to explore the mysterious environment for resources, gather, hunt strange creatures, and use whatever you have at hand to beat any obstacles into submission. In a turn of events that make this feel a little like the Running Man, there’s a ticking timer etched across the entire experience. As it ticks down, an mysterious glowing serum is the only hope. Finding, gathering, and mixing this liquid creates a range of odd abilities and powers.

We’ve had a closer look at Serum an the concept and action combat seem intriguing, This opportunity to jump into an impressive looking world that’s full of unsettling mysteries might give you an opportunity to decide if it’s worth your time. Take a look at the official Steam Store page for more.

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