Cris Tales Gets A New Trailer and July Release Date

Cris Tales, the charming time travelling RPG is set the date for adventure today with a July release date and a new trailer to match.

Due to swing its way onto PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and Stadia later this year, Modus Games new love letter to classic JRPGs is ready to unleash adventure across time and console screens when it arrives in July 2021. Expected to cost around £34.99 or local equivalent, this gorgeously animated tale will be available across digital storefronts as well as filling retail shelves. While digital owners will get swift access to the city of St. Clarity, the boxed copy is set to include both a copy of the game and a limited edition poster, detailing the fabulous animation from the development team at Dreams Uncorporated.

A Glimpse Of The Future

Alongside the release date announcement, Modus games dropped an accompanying gameplay overview. The latest trailer for the tale gives a glimpse into the past present and future of Cris Tales as its main characters band together to take on foes, solve puzzles, and warp time. The unique Columbian influenced aesthetic is front and center for this showcase and is likely one of the reasons we took notice when it first took our attention in 2018.

While Cris Tales has slipped just a little since its initial announcement of a late 2020 release, we can forgive the change. The world of Crystallis looks fantastic and the protagonist, Crisbell , is something of a fresh new look for the classic JPRG adventure. Anyhow, time rarely had any meaning last year and this is one game where it seems appropriate. You can find out more on Cris Tales over at the official website now, or pre order the shiny Collector’s Edition before the July Release Date.

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