Crossroads Inn – Gameplay Teaser

Back in August Kraken Unleashed had revealed their upcoming project Crossroads Inn, a real-time management sim game set in a fantasy world of Delcrys. In Crossroads Inn players will get to build and run their own tavern, make sure passing by adventurers are happy and spread the name of your establishment all over the land.

In Campaign mode micromanagement forms only the beginning, as the kingdom is in turmoil and your inn soon attracts the attention of important political and military figures, desperately holding to the reins of power. You will become part of a large-scale political intrigue inspired heavily by RPG games, you will explore your past and play an important role in a history of Delcrys.

Crossroads Inn is slated for release in 2019 for PC, Mac and Xbox One. You can find out more by visiting the game’s Steam page.

Be smart, be resourceful and plan ten moves ahead to become the most renowned innkeeper in the realm and one day you will rise above your station.

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