Crusader Kings 3 – Royal Court Expansion Postponed

Crusader Kings 3 - Royal Court Expansion Postponed

The developers from Paradox Entertainment have taken to the official forums of strategy Crusader Kings 3 to reveal that the Royal Court expansion is getting postponed to 2022.

Royal Court is not only the first expansion for CK3 but it also adds a variety of new features, including cultural evolution, language and court events. At the moment the team is not entirely satisfied with the expansion’s progress, especially when it comes to its stability.

“There are a number of bugs we really need to iron out, and are taking more time to make sure it is in line with the standards you expect. We also understand the frustration that delays cause, but we would like to make sure we are always as forthcoming as possible and that you hear the news directly from us. It’s a tricky balance between sentiments like “It will release whenever we finish making sure it is ready” and things like giving exact timelines only to make necessary but upsetting changes to that timeline when we do actually need time to review and make those changes.”


Crusader Kings III is the newest entry in the fabled grand strategy franchise. Guide a royal house through history, governing land, culture, religion, military operations, and more in this game of medieval empire and bloodline management. Scheme from the shadows or march your armies openly to expand your borders. Utilize diplomacy and family, leveraging relationships and influence, to protect your lineage. For if you do not produce a suitable heir, your line – and your game – ends.

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