Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia – Announcement Trailer

Crusader Kings III Fate of Iberia - Announcement Trailer

Paradox Interactive announced a new expansion for Crusader Kings III. Titled Fate of Iberia, it will be launching on May 31st and inviting players to rewrite the history of one of the medieval world’s most fascinating settings. Lead your dynasty to total victory or to a peaceful co-existence amid competing claims for dominance.

Fate of Iberia introduces a new major multi-stage Struggle feature that lets you decide the fate of this complex region across realms and cultures across decades or even centuries:

  • You tell the ever-evolving saga of Iberia with each decision you make. Appeasing or hostile, influence the constant turmoil on the peninsula to your liking during each phase of the Struggle.
  • Follow the path of history with a definite end goal in mind or play out a completely new fate for the region. Be the early founder of a Hispania steeped in blood, or bring together a multicultural caliphate in peace.

Check out the expansion’s Steam page to find out more.

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