Crush Kaiju And Bash Robots In Mech Armada’s Early Access Launch

Get in the robot and prepare to pit monster flesh against metallic might as Mech Armada steps out into Steam Early Access in August.

Due to pit massive monster against mighty mechs on 10 August, Mech Armada is a fast paced roguelike that will likely appeal to those of us that have been busy imagining ourselves on the front lines in Mechwarrior or spending too much time rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion. Developed by Lioncode Games, this indie outfit has pieced together a range of ideas, taking inspiration from the likes of Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire, but giving it a nice chrome plated finish.

Stepping into this new campaign, you’ll find a team of overpowered robot warriors at your command. Commanders will need to take a top down view of the battlefield, deploying these powerful machines in skirmishes against the deadly swarm. Like any good tactical sim, each mech can be fully customized with its own loadout, abilities and explosives to take down a variety of enemies. Over 70 parts can be clamped onto a chassis, meaning thousands of combinations are already available to exploit an enemy’s weaknesses.

While in the heat of battle, these massive troops can utilize the procedurally generated terrain to avoid take the high ground during rounds of turn based combat. Gameplay elements such as the map layout, monsters, rewards, and resources are all randomly generated to ensure that no two encounters are likely to ever be the same.

Mech Armada will hit Steam Early Access on 10 August and will set players back $14.9 or local equivalent. You can check out the trailer above, or even head over to the Steam Store page now to try out the demo of this different take on deck builder adventures.

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