Cryptmaster – Check Out the Launch Trailer

Coming from Akupara Games, Paul Hart, and Lee Williams, Cryptmaster is a bizzare adventure where words control everything. The game is available on Steam right now, and has received Positive feedback so far.

In the ancient past, four brave heroes banded together to destroy a terrible evil, giving their lives to save countless others. Now, their eternal rest had been disturbed by the Cryptmaster. Now it is up to the four adventurers to recover their memories and defeat outlandish enemies. From fishing and card games to bardic rap battles, finding the right word is the key to success. Who knows, maybe you’ll even remember a little more than you bargained for…

The team invites players to fill the blanks with text or voice to acquire abilities, embark on strange quests, solve riddles, and more. Each encounter has multiple solutions to discover, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your words! Magic has its own verbal component as well. Decipher forgotten spells, then type their names in battle to unleash the might of your undead heroes.

About Cryptmaster:

Cryptmaster is a narrative adventure where your words are your power. Say anything to control the world around you but be careful as bodies you control might not hold together as well as when you were alive. The freakish and proud builder of the crypts known as the Cryptmaster leads your journey in the underground catacombs to aid in your usage of your words to fight toadmen, heal your frail bodies, and find letters to remember your abilities.

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