Crystal Crisis Drops Onto Nintendo Switch

Crystal Crisis

Today, Nicalis launches Crystal Crisis on Nintendo Switch and a few familiar faces are along for the ride.

With the huge success of Tetris 99, it is almost a surprise we haven’t Nintendo’s mobile console awash with puzzle battlers. Now it seems Nicalis has timed it perfectly with today’s release of Crystal Crisis. Like any good combat title, players have a large roster of characters to choose from. Over 20 competitors exist to choose from. This includes regulars from the Nicalis roster, like Quote and Curly from Cave Story and Isaac from The Binding of Isaac. Special guests are also ready to duke it out with players and include characters like Astro Boy. Each of these individuals comes with their own host of moves, dialogue, and home stages.

Combat Scenarios

Beyond the familiar faces, you might initially feel at home with Crystal Crisis. Players who take up the challenge must arrange a series of falling crystals into matching colors and shatter them. Destroying crystals incites characters to attack their enemies, taking down even the toughest opponents with a mix of wit and reflexes. Things get a little more complex, however, with a special burst gauge and defensive moves.

Battles come in a variety of modes. Solo players can beat the AI in Story, Arcade, Tag Team, Survival, and Training mode. Players who want bragging rights can even take the Nicalis roster online or challenge friends in local multiplayer mode. If you are interested in getting your bragging rights then Crystal Crisis is available now on the Nintendo eShop and physical retailers. If you happen to have a PlayStation 4, the game will be coming over to Sony’s platform soon. You can also check out the official website for more details about the port as it happens.

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