Cuphead & Dark Souls Come Together In CupSouls

Prepare to die.... of cuteness

64 Bits shared a new video called Cupsouls with the premise of “What if Dark Souls was animated like Cuphead?”. The video follows the graphical design of Cuphead while preserving the atmosphere of the Dark Souls series, including somersaults, jumps and, of course, “You Died!”.  Too bad no bananas made it into the video.

From our Cuphead review:

Cuphead is a challenging game not just because of the enemy designs, but simply due to the nature of the combat itself.  Like 2D Action Platformers of days past, the firing angles are limited and parry timing is exceptionally unforgiving.  Which I’m not one to fault the game on either of these it can cause some frustration for players not inclined to try-try again.  Boss battles, for the most part, are linear in the forms bosses turn into and the flow of battle with some deviations, but enemy attacks are often randomized which means, even with practice on some bosses, there will be certain situations where you’re just out of luck and you’ll die regardless of how well you do at any previous stage of the bosses evolution.  This is just the nature of the game, so for short-fused gamers that may have a controller throwing problem, it may be best to stay on the lower difficulty until you feel confident that a failure won’t ruin the enjoyment of the game. Unfortunately, many gamers may feel that the difficulty could be a tremendous turnoff, with even the easier modes being too tough for some gamers.

In addition to Cupsouls, 64 Bits also features videos for other games, including Mario, Metroid, Assassin’s Creed and Overwatch. You can find them on the channel.

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