Curse of the Serpent Queen Update Slithers Into Metin 2

Gameforge has unleashed a green meanie on players of MMORPG Metin 2 today, as it launches the Curse of the Serpent Queen update.

Now available in the land of Yohara, this new update to one of Gameforge’s stable of MMORPG’s won’t be galloping into new territory. Instead, the latest update to this free update will slither into new questlines and wrap itself around new adventures. Stretching out further into the land of Yohara, the Curse of the Serpent Queen update expands the horizon eastward taking on a near impossible army of twisted monsters, all bent on destruction.

Once the armies of Serpent Queen Nethis, your latest enemies are fortified in an ancient temple, far from the recent Conquerors of Yohara update and must be overcome and if you want to defeat this curse. Alongside a brand new narrative tale, the new add on brings plenty of other interesting activities, scattered across a brand new zone. Yilad Pass might seem serene sometimes but it is filled with a polluted army, led by Tainted War Chiefs, and filled with plenty of treasure if you can face it. Alongside this new open space, players can experience a new dungeon at the centre of this deadly pass. The aptly named Serpent Temple should fit anybody looking to race the clock for both victory and loot.

If you’re able to overcome these problems then a brand new mysterious dungeon shouldn’t pose much of an issue as you chase down the new Serpent themed armour that is available for anybody brave enough to take down this hideous army of cursed warriors. You can find out all the details on the new Curse of the Serpent Queen update by heading over to the official Metin 2 website now and grabbing the free to play update.

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