D.Va Get Tuned Up in New Heroes of the Storm PTR Update

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm PTR has been updated to bring a large new patch in for testing. These patches usually sit on PTR for testing for a week or two before being deployed into the live MOBA. The update also brings along new skins, the Nexus Anomaly – Gladiator’s Medallion item, and ARAM Mode.

Here are the significant features of the HotS PTR update:

  • Gladiator’s Medallion – Players will start each match with this new item on their action bar. Activating it allows players to become “unstoppable” for one second. Using the Medallion will incur a 5-minute cooldown.
  • Heroes Brawl is being replaced by ARAM (All Random All Mid mode).
    • There will be 4 one-lane maps in the queue with the sole object being to destroy the opponent’s core.
    • Players can choose from one of three pre-selected Heroes.
    • There are no Hearthstones and the friendly core area does not regenerate health.
  • Seasonal items are returning in several special Bundles.
  • New Bundles feature skins for Artanis, Gazlowe, Arthas, Mei, Anduin, Blaze, Uther, Rexxar, Morales, Murky, Illidan, and D.Va
  • New mounts include the Slimeheart Invincilisk, the Sulphurous Invincilisk, the Stormgarde Iron Kite, and the Kul Tiras Iron Kite
  • New sprays, portraits, and other items have been added
  • Seasonal Quest Line requirements for Storm League have been reduced
  • D.Va rework – “With D.Va’s rework we’ve given her tons of new tools and redistributed her power to help her fill more of a traditional bruiser role while still retaining a lot of her “supporty” essence. This new talent tree should allow her to flex to fill gaps in your team comp or to be her old aggro self.”
  • Gazlowe rework – “Our resident one man wrecking crew is receiving a fairly large revamp, designed to fully embrace him as a formidable Bruiser, acting as a front-line member of his team who specializes in disruption and zone control.”
  • Updates to several Heroes including Alarak, Cassia, Chromie, Deckard, ETC, Imperius, Orphea, Stitches, Tassadar, and Yrel
  • Bug fixes

Check out the full developer notes on the Heroes of the Storm official site.

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