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A company that has been producing a popular vampire drink, Red Mist, and has set their sights on the entire vampire populace. Things go awry when they started adding secret ingredients into their popular product. It is Damsel’s job to figure out what is being added to this drink and to stop it from continuing. This is our review for Damsel.

From developer and publisher Screwtape Studios, comes a stylish take on the world of vampires and their need for human blood. The biggest difference in this version of a vampire tale is that the vamps have come up with a way to not need human blood to survive.

The game is set in a darker cartoon world where humans and vampires are trying to live together. In this world, all of the bloodsuckers work on creating a drink to allow them to be free of the need for human blood. This is where the game picks up with you and your friends trying to discover what is being added into the Red Mist supply.


Your characters are Damsel, Swan, and Die-Ode. As employees of the Department of Sanguinarian Affairs, you are called in to investigate rumors of a hidden menu that the executives don’t want you to find out about. Damsel is the character that you will play as throughout the game. She is a vampire-slaying special agent who wields both an ultraviolet shotgun, dubbed Ra, and wooden stakes. Swan is your handler and best friend. She is there to give you all of the details you will need for your missions. Die-ode is your hacker, and he will help your mission to figure out what is going on with Red Mist, and also gives you the best ways to eliminate your enemies.

The enemies you will face are numerous but, ultimately not that difficult to fight. Enemies that you will face throughout most of the game include Morts, Elders, Chargers, and Executives. These enemies range from one hit to several hits and come with their types of attacks. You won’t have much difficulty with navigating the levels or the bad guys though, so don’t worry.

Speaking of levels, they are all highly stylized and colorful, while still being dark and cartoonish. You will be tasked with jumping, or double jumping, to new heights as you navigate your way around the maps. There are trap lasers, exploding cans, and other traps that will hinder your progress as well so be careful. Some areas allow you to hang off of their edges so that you can do another jump up. You can also hang and shoot your weapon as well, which provides you another Meta for attacking the vampires. As you traverse the levels you will need to collect skulls for bonus points and untie hostages for even more points as you make your way towards completing your objectives.

The entire story of Damsel is told through clever use of a comic book narrative. The beginning of every new level has a new graphic and story to go through explaining the next part of the story. This is one of the best uses of this type of storytelling that I have seen in a very long time. This write thinks you will have a great time with it.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Xbox One X with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Damsel is a cute little game that anyone can get into. There is no blood and guts as the vampires disappear into a cloud of smoke when defeated. The story is amusing and easy to get into, and the levels are not overly complicated. There are a campaign and arcade mode to play through as well. At the low price of 16.99 on Steam, Xbox, and Switch, you will get your full enjoyment out of this title for a low cost.
  • Clever Story with Comic Graphics
  • Easy to learn combat
  • Fun for everyone
  • Levels are too simple
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