Dark Devotion Coming To PC On April 25

Publisher The Arcade Crew along with developer Hibernian Workshop has announced the release date of their Lovecraftian Action RPG, Dark Devotion, with a gameplay overview/trailer. Dark Devotion is an adventure set within a grim, mysterious temple teeming with dangerous secrets. The game arrives on April 25 on PC via Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle for $19.99. The game is also slated for consoles at a later date and given the type of gameplay, we hope the Switch is on that console list!

In Dark Devotion you play a templar whose making her way through a temple. The game looks to be a nostalgic “Castlevania-like” sidescrolling adventure game. Enduring the temple’s trials will require reflexes, a sense of when to dodge and block, vertical movement via platform jumping, etc. The threats, explored in the above video, are only a sampling of the horrors lying ahead. Dark Devotion also allows for varied use of several different weapon types including ranged and many different melee types including sword & board as well as two-handed.

More About Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion’s sprawling, dilapidated temple takes adventurers through a twisted environment rife with mystery where they’ll encounter scores of dangerous foes slinking within the shadows. Combat is deliberately paced and weighty, making mistakes feel impactful and every looting of scarce supplies a relief in this tormenting labyrinth partially inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. In Dark Devotion, faith is more than just a guiding light; it’s a precious resource demanded by an unappeasable God who is happy to watch you struggle against its most loyal Templars.

Dark Devotion Dodge & Roll

  • Meaningful combat – Each battle is a duel to the death, fight until your last breath.
  • Narration oriented – Contemplate a gloomy place by the light of torches, discover its memories and secrets.
  • Handmade Pixel art – Immersive graphics blended in a chiaroscuro atmosphere.
  • Flexibility to adjust your arsenal to your enemies and/or your preferences.

For more information on Dark Devotion, be sure to visit the official site (www.darkdevotion.fr). To start off on the right foot with your unquestionable ruler, add the game to your evening prayers and Steam wishlist.

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