Dark Devotion PS4 Review

How far will your faith take you?

I’ve played Dark Souls and games of its ilk before. All are challenging and to a degree have a uniqueness about them that sets them apart. I would put Dark Devotion up there on par with those. It was challenging and fun yet not as harsh as its counterparts. Let’s just get right to it. This is our Dark Devotion PS4 review.

Darkest Devotion

In Dark Devotion the templars are guided to by their faith to a temple to defeat the darkness inside. Faith plays a big part in this game and I found the mechanic around it very interesting. Faith is used for unlocking hidden doors, pathways, healing, and magic. I also like that when you die it says, “Your devotion has faded.” It is as if your faith was not strong enough. The story is not given directly as much as I had to find it while in the temple. Lore and information are hidden everywhere and I like that.

Faithful Equipment

Going into Dark Devotion I thought it would be harsh and maybe a bit unforgiving.  The reason why is because when I died I lost all my weapons and all my items. In Dark Devotion we’re meant to find items and equipment along the way. Though some equipment the forge guy in the main area is able to make once you find them in the dungeon. Green equips are what I needed to find and boy was I happy when I found my first. It turned out to be dual-wielding daggers. A good weapon goes a long way.

I love that there are many different weapons to acquire. I personally enjoyed using daggers. If I can find a bow I may try seeing how far I can go with range. I did happen across a book that does magic attacks. The book uses faith to cast but for certain boss fights its worth it. I’ve beaten two bosses in a cheesy way using the book. A great way I found to farm weapons is by beating elite enemies. Coming across them can be rare until I found an item that made every enemy elite. They were harder to beat but more as they could just take more damage. If I had taken a hit I’m sure they deal more damage.

Boss battles have a fair bit of challenge to them. It made sense at times to go back to back to an alter shortcut to try and farm useful consumables for a fight if it was tough. Farming items don’t always work out because there are traps everywhere. Plenty of times I’ve fallen prey to a pit of spikes. It was very easy to make a mistake and run traps when dodging.

Every now and then I find myself wanting to play a game like Dark Devotion. I’m really glad this one landed in my lap. I wasn’t wanting for it when I got the code but after playing it for a bit I sure was after that. If there was anything that I might have had a problem with it is blueprints are hard to come across. I love the random looting and the challenge it brings.  The art is well done. All around I have to say, Dark Devotion was a fun experience. It is available on Xbox, Switch, PS4, and PC. 

A review code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Dark Devotion has been a challenging and interesting addition to the Dark Souls-like genre.
  • Challenging Combat
  • Great Pixel Art
  • Random Loot Drops
  • Can't tell what gives Blueprints
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