Dark Devotion Trailer Reveals Horrors Among the Shadows

If there is anything that we’ve all learned from horror movies, it is to avoid the dark dilapidated old buildings when you’ve got nothing but your wits to save you. It turns out nobody warned the team behind Dark Devotion and they’ve released a new Narrative Trailer to wet your appetites for the adventures that await.

Hibernian Workshop’s gloomy little RPG seems to be part of a recent surge of forboding indie RPGs and takes place in a distinctly dystopian temple. This twisted monstrosity is depicted in all its torment as players are forced to overcome the trials it holds and prove their devotion. As inquisition reigns and every encounter could be a fight to the death, it does not seem like you’re indebted to a particularly benevolent god.

Due out on PC and consoles, this side-scrolling RPG challenges players to make their way through a series of dungeons and a multitude of different paths. A variety of challenges will set themselves against you from deadly traps to the doomed ones that walk the corridors with you and a whole host of loot should allow you to create a diverse set of builds. While the narrative trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay, it sets the sort of morbid tone makes me think death is already closing in.

If the trailer caught your eye then you can find out more on the official website.

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