Dark Envoy – Check Out the Game’s Soundtrack

Event Horizon, the developer studio behind the upcoming adventure RPG Dark Envoy, shared a selection of tracks from the game’s soundtrack. Composed by Dawid Majewski, the OST is described by the team in the following way: “This musical collection offers a fusion of epic instrumental combat melodies that will set your adrenaline racing, along with mellower tracks ideal for chilling out.”

The tracks are accompanied by illustrations so that players can catch a glimpse into the game’s narrative while listening. The events of Dark Envoy take place in a conflict-torn Guns N’ Sorcery world. Players get to control a party of relic hunters and seek out dungeons, challenges and riches. Whether you want to play solo or with a friend, there is a story campaign to enjoy. Choose your class and take advantage of an expansive crafting system to gain an edge against smart opponents.

  • Control the battlefield, choose the speed you want to play at.
  • Watch your steps and plan moves carefully to outsmart your enemies.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage: separate close combat enemies from their support by erecting stone walls, aim to control sources of health and mana on the battleground.
  • Use cover to protect your ranged characters.
  • Slow or pause combat, giving yourself the time to plan and react.
  • Get even more freedom thanks to a fun system of hand-drawn spells.
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