Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court Coming on June 19th

Darkest Dungeon

Fans of dark and bloody RPGs will be happy to hear that Darkest Dungeon will be updated soon. The Crimson Court is the first expansion to the game and it will be released on June 19th. The new content will be featured on Steam, GoG, Humble and Twitch for $9.99. The PlayStation 4 version is as-yet undated.

What does Crimson Court bring to Darkest Dungeon?

Players will fight new enemies in familiar places as well as set foot in the Courtyard, a new location. Adventurers will also run into a new faction with three terrible bosses. Their goal is to stop the party from continuing the journey. These enemies and epic encounters will introduce new combat mechanics, testing the limits of player’s strategy.

Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court

At Red Hook, we’re working around the clock on the exciting new content and features that will be coming to Hamlet next month. Drawing hands are sore, spreadsheets are bursting with data, and eyes are blurry, but our own excitement is pushing us ever forward!  We’ve been pretty tight-lipped on details but we’ll be revealing more information in the coming weeks including screenshots, boss teases, and a comprehensive look at the new class.

It looks like June is shaping up to be as great a month for gaming! Will you be playing the expansion?

Learn more on the official site.

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