Darkest Dungeon – The Shieldbreaker & Double Vinyl Soundtrack

Darkest Dungeon Vinyl

Darkest Dungeon – The Shieldbreaker & Double Vinyl Soundtrack Limited Set.

Red Hook Games has shared a couple Darkest Dungeons-related news. The first announcement is related to a new class, the Shieldbreaker, joining the roster of available heroes on October 26 as a part of the update of the same name that would be available for $4.  This hero possesses high movement, speed, solid damage and relatively low health. She brings in Armor Piercing and Guard Break which makes her an excellent choice against monsters with high protection. Check out the update’s page to learn more about it!

Hailing from the distant windswept dunes of the east, the Shieldbreaker arrives in the Hamlet! Deadly as a viper, her iron will has been forged in the heat of the blazing desert sun. Though outwardly demure, her emancipation from the barren wastes came at a price so terrible, it haunts her dreams even now…

In addition, the developers have also shared exciting news about the limited edition of Darkest Dungeon OST on vinyl. It includes all the music from the game including The Crimson Court DLC. You can pre-order the set for $40 on Ghost Ramps. It is expected to ship in Q1 2018.

We’ve been excited about working on this physical release and hope this along with our recent release of the Darkest Dungeon Diorama, we can continue to make more exciting products for our fans to purchase based on the Darkest Dungeon world!

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