Darksburg to launch on Steam on February 12th


Shiro Games has announced that its four-player cooperative game, Darksburg, will be launching into Steam Early Access on February 12th. The isometric pseudo-RPG will feature three distinct game modes on EA launch next week.

Players will be able to choose any one of four distinct characters called “Survivors”. There is an “unconventional alliance consisting of a nun, gourmet, bounty hunter (and her chipmunk), and a wolfman” to choose from.

PvE mode pits up to four players taking on the role of a Survivor to try to protect the town. Players will face off against Revenants and a zombie horde. There will be objectives to complete along the way as well.

PvP mode pits a team of Survivors against a team of Revenants as each tries to wrest control of the town for themselves.

Last Stand pits players against ever-increasingly large and difficult waves of monsters. Of course, the inevitable end is death, but the goal along the way is to stay alive as long as possible through as many waves as possible.

You can learn more about Darksburg by checking out the Steam page.

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