Darksiders Genesis Is Out On Consoles

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Darksiders Genesis, the latest apocalypse looming over humanity, has just hit consoles today.

Heere to woo players on PlayStation®, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Darksider’s Genesis is a buddy action bromance that warms the hearts just around Valentine’s days. Ok, its a prequel to the Darksider’s franchise that involves blowing up hellspawn and angels with equal enthusiasm. Coming out of publisher THQNordic, Genesis features the brothers Strife and War in a glimpse at what came before the first Darksider’s games came out in 2010. The console market might still have some of the same players but this story is the first time that players on the console will get to play as Strife, a twin pistol totting horseman. This isn’t the only change to the Darksiders franchise.

Love The Changes

Darksiders Genesis swaps the third person hack n slash action of the previous games for a more top-down dungeon crawler. As you experience a brand new story campaign and explore the origin of the Seven Seals, players can introduce a friend with couch co-op and online play available. Guiding War and Strife through a mess of dangerous mazes and molten caverns might not sound like much of a lark but we were genuinely impressed by it when we got hands-on around the PC launch.

With plenty of enemies to hack down, a solid progression system, and witty one liners that make for an endearing tale, Darksider’s Genesis is definitely worth a look if you need a change form the seemingly faceless crawl of something like Diablo. Darksiders Genesis is out now across consoles and you can grab it from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Game Store, or Nintendo eShop. It will set you back SRP: $39.99, €39.99, £39.99 but do check out the trailer before you nip over and start cutting down angels that are in your way. Alternatively, head over to the official website for more details.


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