Darksiders Genesis Pre Orders Begin For Consoles

Darksiders Genesis 2 Console

Darksiders Genesis, the top down dungeon crawler from THQ, isn’t finished with Lucifer quite yet. After last week’s releasee on PC, Console Pre Orders are now live.

As THQ confirmed during the initial announcements, Darksiders Genesis is bringing its mix of quips and isometric action to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on 14 February. If you are ready for some brotherly love this valentines day then you’ll be able to join horsemen Strife and War as they hunt down a fallen angel and foil some nefarious plots with dedication, steely wit, and violence. Pre orders for the console version of this game are now live and THQ has packed in a bunch of bonuses for anybody brave enough to pick up the game before launch date.

Players who pre-order Darksiders Genesis console release will receive the first top-down action adventure in Darksiders franchise history featuring couch and online co-op play as well as

• 24-hour Early Access,
• a 10% discount on the game (undiscounted SRP: $39.99, €39.99, £34.99)
• and different Phantom Steed skins (visible in all zones/areas where you can mount in-game)*

Taking place before the events of the Darksiders franchise, this prequel is the first time players get to control Strife, a horseman who’s tongue is almost as quick as his trigger finger. Wielding either Strife’s dual pistols or War’s huge sword, players will be able to explore the world of Darksiders in a brand new light as they delve into a challenging narrative campaign solo or with the help of your co-op couch compatriot. As they descend into waves of enemies, players will take on angels, demons, and the odd boss battle. As things get progressively more difficult both War and Strife can upgrade their abilities by collecting a range of creature cores, items, weapons, and other enhancements in order to tweak the way each horseman handles.

If you’re still on the fence about this new take on the Darksiders legacy, check out or reaction to the game when it previewed EGX or our fully fledged review. Check out the official Darksiders website for more details on grabbing that pre order.


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