Darksiders Genesis Shows Off Custom Demon Slaying

Darksiders Genesis just dropped a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming ARPG and it gives us a new glimpse at how the game’s customization system will work.

Called the Creature Core System, the in-game customization system is something we touched on during our hands-on at EGX London of late. This particular piece of player progression provides gamers with a way of tweaking the way that the game’s player characters approach to combat. Both Wa and Strife have a range of options available to them, whether it is adding extra attack power or something more flamboyant like laying down lava trails behind your dashes.

How It Handles

From our own experience, creature cores tend to drop during more difficult combat encounters and provide players with the option to fill out the Creature Core progression tree in a variety of ways. Like any system, you’ll find it begins with a fairly standard ream of passive attack and defensive buffs, spawning off more elaborate add ons during the later game. We now know that in addition to picking up these cores during combat, players will be able to purchase them at Vulgrim’s store in exchange for souls. You can check out more about this system in the trailer, above and in our Darksiders EGX London preview.

Due to hit PC and Stadia on 5 December, finally arriving on consoles on 14 February 2020, Darksiders Genesis is a prequel to the Darksiders Trilogy and puts players in the role of War and Strife. It is the first time that gamers have been able to control Strife and takes the two brothers deep into the bowels of Hell to stop Lufcier’s plan to upturn the balance between good and evil. Both Strife and War will blast their way through hordes of angels and demons in solo and co-op campaign modes. We had a genuinely fun time with Darksider’s Genesis when we took on the challenge. If you want to find out more about this brand new Darksiders title then head over to the official website for more information now.

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  1. Sounds promising! Trailer looks good too. I know a lot of people are hating on this but I’m personally hoping it’s a great game. Loved the others.

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