Darwin Project Is Out On Steam

Darwin Project is now officially out on Steam now and brings a new meaning to the survival of the fittest in this brand new battler.

Are you sick of dropping into the wilderness only to fight for survival against random lag spikes and your fellow inmates? Scavenger Studio has just unleashed Darwin Project on PC players and it is set to pit the traditional battle royale against a hunger games style showrunner. Already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this battler is now out on Steam. As ten inmates are dropped into a harsh environment, they must survive the elements, craft, build, and use their social skills to outwit and outlive their fellow fighters. Where Darwin Project takes a turn is the game’s interactive elements.

Each match that kicks off in this survival sim includes a showrunner to conduct proceedings. Like your very own gameshow director, the showrunner is the living connection between the action and anybody lucky enough to be watching the carnage unfold. This maestro can tweak the arena with nuclear bombs, zone closures, gravity storms, and the power of their voice. Of course, incorporating a director into this brand new battle royale means Darwin Project is made to be watched. Using a Spectator Experience Extension, gamers can watch the game unfold, casting votes and placing bets to nudge the show in their own direction.

This free to play title is out now on Steam and seems tailor-made to stream. It sounds like the closest thing to the Hunger Games that we’ve seen off the silver screen and a might more viewer-friendly than PUBG. You can check out the trailer above to preview the action. If you think that you are fit enough to make it through then head over to the Darwin Project Stream store page to pick up this battler now.

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