Dauntless – Call of the Void is Launching June 11

The developers from Phoenix Labs have taken to Twitter to announce that the latest update to Dauntless will be coming on June 11. Titled Call of the Void, it will take players into the Umbral Deeps, a place of mystery, power and monstrosities.

Explore a brand new Escalation when Call of the Void launches alongside the Relics and Ruin Huntpass on June 11th, 2020. Descend into the Umbral Deeps — a shadow-soaked realm warped by umbral corruption. Watch for Shadowtouched Behemoths as you make your way down, and think twice before stepping into any portals.

Are you ready to take on a new boss Thrax? Watch out if you ever find yourself at the edge of a dark and shimmering pool. These cunning Behemoths use portals to hunt, striking through rifts with razor-sharp forelimbs and emerging from void-space to dive onto prey. Luring one into the open may be your best bet, but even this plan demands caution. Untreated, a Thrax’s corrupting influence can leave a Slayer so drained that they can barely lift a finger — much less a weapon.

But if you are resilient and skilled enough, you can unlock schematics for all of Thrax legendary weapons.

Dauntless – Call of the Void features:

  • Umbral boss: Thrax
  • New set of legendary weapons. These weapons aren’t easy to craft but the perks are worth extra effort!
  • Prismatic Cell Slots – universal slots capable of holding any cell you own.
  • Legendary ability – activating your Thrax weapon’s legendary ability will deal umbral damage to surrounding enemies, then teleport you into the sky. Target a landing spot and slam back to earth to dish out even more umbral damage.
  • Thrax armor – the Thrax armor set draws its strength from three built-in perks: Nine Lives, Cunning, and Catalyst — a new perk that increases the effect and duration of tonics. Schematics unlock when you face your first Thrax.

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