Dauntless invites players to #FactionFight starting today


Starting later today, Dauntless players are invited to take part in the first-ever #FactionFight. During the event, players will “choose a side, equip a sigil, and earn points for their team with every hunt”. The event will last for two weeks with the winning team taking home their faction’s lantern for FREE!

Today’s update brings much more than #FactionFight. Players with a sense of style will want to check out the brand new hair tints. Three “special colors” allow players to roam outside the normal hair tints. The Vigilance tint is part of the Hunt Pass Basic Track while the Endurance and Defiance tints are in the faction Style Kits. Everyone can also check out two new hairstyles.

In addition to the more cosmetic side of things, developers have information about Patrol Chests. The goal of these chests is to “be a nice reward for Slayers who played regularly”. However, the community was somewhat confused as to what purpose they actually served. As a result, today’s patch notes provide players a lot more information including what Patrol Chests are, what kind of loot they contain, whether or not they can be saved, how they’re obtained, and much more.

Check out the full update notes on the Dauntless official site.

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