Dauntless lands on Switch with full crossplay

Phoenix Labs has announced that Dauntless has now arrived on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version joins the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions with full crossplay capabilities so that friends can play together across all platforms. “One Dauntless” means that players can take on the game regardless of platform and have access to all of their account goodies, progression, and earned items.

“To celebrate the launch, Phoenix Labs released “Stormchasers,” the biggest free content update to date, adding to Dauntless’ ever-growing live service offering. Stormchasers includes the challenging new gameplay experience Escalation, a new type of sequential hunt that features dual Behemoth encounters in addition to a number of elements of the “roguelike” genre. Escalation culminates in a showdown against a fearsome threat – the shock-infused Behemoth Malkarion. Stormchasers also heralds the arrival of a new Hunt Pass, Myth & Legend, which offers Slayers the opportunity to explore the history and heroism of Ramsgate.”

Escalation pits players against waves of Behemoths “imbued with unique modifiers” that provide some of the most challenging content ever. Each encounter is procedurally-generated so that no two events are quite the same. After each successful encounter, Slayers can choose from offensive and defensive boosts and unlock talent points after each run. Those who manage to survive four encounters sends players off to face Malkarion. “Malkarion is the first Behemoth in Dauntless that gives Slayers a chance to mount their prey, and its unique move-set introduces a number of mechanics that will challenge even the most veteran Slayers on the Shattered Isles.”

Learn more on the Dauntless official site.

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