Dauntless Players Benefit From Bonus Weekends


Phoenix Labs has announced a month’s worth of bonus weekends for Dauntless. During the next three weeks, players will be able to take part in a number of limited-time bonus events that will allow them to earn rams and Escalation boosts. The bonus events will culminate with the start of the annual Dark Harvest event that will come along at the end of October.

Here are some of the details:

  • September 24-October 1 – Daily Escalation Boost – Taking part in the daily coin flip activity at Gregario’s bazaar in Ramsgate immediately grants an hour of Escalation boost.
  • September 24-27, October 1-4, and October 8-11 – Ramstravaganza Weekends – Earn 500 bonus rams for each completed bounty

Dark Harvest will see Ramsgate transformed into a mysterious nightscape and starting October 1st, players can “seek out new discoveries that lead towards rumors or quests that explore the Unseen, the shadowy group that appears in Ramsgate every Dark Harvest”. Tracking down the rumors is worthwhile as players will earn Unseen cosmetics from Dark Harvest celebrations in the past or, if players already own these items, they will earn rams for the effort.

Lastly, the game has been updated to v1.7.5 which offers players a new Behemoth dye rumor, gameplay updates, and a number of quality of life improvements.

Check out all the details by visiting the Dauntless official site.

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