Dauntless players can now save loadouts after latest update


Phoenix Labs has released the latest update to Dauntless. It brings a number of much-requested features into the game. Most notably, players will now be able to save equipment loadouts. All players will receive one loadout save slot and can unlock or purchase additional slots as needed.

Loadouts offer players a way to efficiently swap items to better face off against Behemoths. Slayers can save weapons (including mods and specials), armor, cells, dyes, transmogs, and other consumables. Throughout gameplay and progression through the Mastery System, players will be able to unlock an additional five loadout slots with nine more available for purchase from the in-game shop.

The latest update does, of course, feature more than loadouts. A number of improvements have been made to the UI and HUD to provide better, more intuitive information to players during any fight.

Crafting has also been improved to make it more streamlined and informative during the process.  During the process, players will be able to see an “item’s strengths and weaknesses, detailed cell slot info, how to acquire missing materials, and how that item compares to what is already equipped”.

Lastly, players can “unlock the Twin Suns exotic repeaters” that come with explosive mag bombs that are sticky and adhere to targets. From there, detonate on command for explosive results.

Check out the full update notes on the Dauntless official site.

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