Dauntless – Seeking the Horizon Update

Seeking the Horizon

In preparation for the Open Beta test stage starting on May 24, Phoenix Labs rolls out a massive update for Dauntless. Seeking the Horizon will come out on May 2 and will add a variety of new features such as reputation system, world map, etc. as well as new quests and progression improvements.

Some of the updates that will come together with the Seeking the Horizon include:

  • The Progression System: a new platform to build the stories of the world, relationships of the characters that inhabit it as well as the new content
  • New World Map that provides Slayers with the ability to select Hunts and see what’s available
  • Reputation System will give players the chance to win the favour of three characters for valuable quests and rewards
  • Slayer Choice between Patrol, Expedition or Pursuit type of hunts
  • Diversity of Quests
  • Gear Updates

Looking ahead to the Dauntless Open Beta on May 24, the gameplay experience will feature a story complete with character, intrigue, and introduce Slayers to the Shattered Isles. Once Slayers have completed the foundation of their legend and the “campaign” of Dauntless, they will look towards the Evergame. The Dauntless Evergame will include new, fiendish Alpha Behemoths to challenge the toughest Slayers, unique hunt modifiers challenging Slayers to adapt their strategy, powerful rewards including Exotic weapons and gear, an enhanced Transmog system that can change the appearance of those weapons and gear and much, much more.

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