Hearthside Chat with Dave Kosak: Dungeon Runs

During BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard Entertainment introduced a new replayable single-player mode, Dungeon Runs, alongside the new update Kobolds & Catacombs. Hearthstone Mission Designer Dave Kosak reveals more about the development that went into the creation of the new mode.

What’s up with Dungeon Runs?

Dungeon Run a new replayable single-player mode that will have players face deadly encounters and collect Treasures to build a deck worthy of their hero standing. At the start, you will choose a Hero and get a starting deck consisting of 10 cards used to overcome 8 encounters of the increasing difficulty to clear the run.

The starting deck will be just enough to have you get past the first opponent, but you will need to get stronger and more resourceful to take on the other challenges. Each completed encounter will give you an opportunity to “level up” your Dungeon deck with themed sets of three cards appropriate for your chosen Hero’s class. From time to time, you will also be able to choose from a selection of incredibly powerful Treasure cards.

You’ll need all that power—as well as your wits—because these encounters can be fiendishly difficult. Victory is not assured, and each encounter has its own unique perils. If one of them gets the better of you, defeat is permanent, so you’ll have to start a different run with a whole new deck!

If you manage to complete a full Dungeon Run with each of the nine Classes—no mean feat!—you’ll add the Candle King card back to your collection.

Hearthstone Dungeon Runs Treasure

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